Sunday, 9 September 2007

Latest Tattoo Session

Saturday the 8th of September was my third session on my back. Wow this one really hurt, more for the after shock as much as during the tattoo session. He tattooed all over my back and it was sore everywhere, but it was later that night that I started to feel really ill. I guess my body went into a kind of shock as I felt so tired, sick and ached everywhere so I was in bed at 10 and had a bit of a rough night as I seemed to keep rolling onto my back (I tried to sleep on my side). They say no pain no gain so I guess this one lived up to that quote! So up to now I've had eight and a half hours worth of tattooing and cost £480. Next session is in October


Miss Parker said...

Very cool! You have some very nice artwork. Is it painful when you have it done?

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I loved the story about Gary Numan bumping into you! I probably wouldn't have showered for week - lol. No, not really.

All the best to you. If you have a YouTube account, please let me know. I'm MissParker0106 over there, as well.


Miss Parker said...

Please forgive the silly question. I had only looked at the photo and didn't read the accompanying copy.


You must be really dedicated. Hope your future sessions are pain free.

Miss Parker said...

I'd love to keep in touch. The problem is, I can't figure out a way to give you my email address without making it public all over the Internet. :-)

Because I moderate my comments, I see your comment in my email account before I decide to publish it. If you give me your email address by leaving a comment, I promise not to publish it.

Best regards.