Saturday, 19 July 2008

I Just Don't Know What To Do

I went to look for a new bike today and basically the bikes that I'm looking at are more money than the claim settlement so looks like I'm gonna have to put more money too. The bike I want is the next model up from the one that got stolen and it looks like it is going to cost me about £300 more but they don't have my size frame in and might not be able to get one. They are going to try Cannondale on Monday to see if they have any more. It is brilliant red and looks great. The next bike up from that is a Cannondale Prophet and thats £400 more. The bike I had was a fantastic bike and I don't really want to get anything less, but I'm still on short time at work and there's no money in my account for savings right now so I might have to go for a lower model of bike. I guess it is like owning a fast car then having to desize and end up with a budget car. Oh well I'll get it sorted I hope!


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