Monday, 15 November 2010

It's Been So Long

Wow, I cannot believe I have neglected my blog. I have thought about coming on but then just totally forgot so I've very sorry Blogger, please forgive me! Life has been going on, same old same old but I'm still here!

Christmas is happening right now and I'm in the middle of sorting out the presents and I'm fairly happy with the way things are going and dare I say I'm organised as well! We spend £70 on food and drink at Tesco's but some of it was paid with club card points so it was good!

I've not been out much on the bike recently, I'm missing it so but either I've been busy, away or working or even just plain "I need a sleep in" lazy, but I'm planning to ride this weekend, weather pending.

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Miss Parker said...

I miss reading your updates! It's good to see you back on. I also had the pleasure of seeing/meeting Gary Numan in Orlando on October 17. I still haven't haven't come down off of my cloud yet! :-) You can read about and see a few pics at

Be well and *HUGS*