Saturday, 5 May 2007

Most Haunted Live

Tonight starts the TV program that I enjoy watching. Most Haunted is a TV show that deals with the paranormal, ghosts, Spirits and anything else that haunts places. This show is a series that is on Satellite TV and every now and then they have a live 3 night special ghost hunting. Tonight they are in Bristol finding about places where Pirates still haunt and trying to get in touch with the pirate Blackbeard. Previous Most Haunted Live's have been amazing and my favourite is Pendle Hill where the spirits of the witches were taking the crew down one by one, and Edinburgh where two of the crew were slashed by an unknow presence live on TV.

I believe in the paranormal, afterlife, Spirits, ghosts or what ever you want to call it. I believe we do not die but our Spirits live on and that we can communicate with the dead as they can communicate with the living. I have spoken to Spirits several times and I have been told that I am a going to be a Spirit Medium. I know about my Spirit Guides and have spoken to him. His name is Kieropek and he is a Native American Indian, he is my main guide with Cara and Peter as my other guides. Cara is my guide for Psychic and Peter is my guide for Spirituallity especially Buddhism. Told you there is quite a lot about me!


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