Saturday, 9 June 2007

Humber Bridge Trek

Today was really nice warm and sunny so I decided to go for the ride along the Trans Pennine Trail to the Humber Bridge. I took my leg and arm warmers just incase the weather suddenly changed and it was a good job I did. The trail led right through a good mile or so of over grown track which was full of nettles and it ran so close to the waters edge at one place it was the track and a drop to the water, not what I thought it would be. A guy stopped and asked where I was going as he told me I might not get through to where I was going.

I managed to get to the bridge and it was really nice to get there, it was warm, peacefull and relaxing along the waters edge. The size and scale of the Humber Bridge always takes my breath away and it looked as grand as ever against the afternoon sun. I hung around for a while and decided to head back home through the over grown track again. It was great going back home as my bike just amazingly sped through the track just as it was made to do and I hardly felt any of the uneven track as we sped along, well for a while anyhow lol


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