Monday, 2 July 2007

A Much Needed Update

I seem to have forgotten to update here so now is the time. A week after the floods in Hull we still have got bad rain. Today and tonight it has rained so everyone is on guard incase it starts to flood again. I have never seen anything like it in my life and still can't believe I was up to my knees in places in water!

I got the second session completed on my back on Saturday. Bob (my tattooist) started to shade my warrior in and it looks awesome but my back is sore, it feels like I have been sunburnt. So far I have had 5 and a half hours of tattooing on my back and has cost £300 up to now. I just want to keep a record of the hours and the cost as so many people ask me how much I have spent on being tattooed that I forget. As I have posed that question I guess now that I am coming towards £2000 and a good 20 plus hours of work. I have got a long way to go yet towards my full bodysuit!


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