Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Meeting Old Friends

Saturday was a nice day for me, I bumped into 3 old friends and was nice to catch up with them. One was an old friend from when I used to live at home with my parents, wow it was hard to believe that I am older than him but he looks a lot older than me! Another was my friend Brian who I first met at Fitness First. We had coffee in Costa Coffee shop in Waterstones and was nice to catch up. The next was my best friends ex wife. It was great to see Pam and after a few short seconds I could see that I missed her. She was just as funny and warm as ever, it was a shame that they split up but I guess if you are no longer happy in a relationship then it should end. She has become a Muslim and has taken on the muslim ways including the garb they wear, makes no difference to me but I must ask her next time I see her what her name is as she has changed her name too.


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