Friday, 2 April 2010

Spend Spend Spend!

Today is good Friday so me and Vinny went into town and we ended up buying a blu ray dvd player. We've been looking at one for ages and the one we picked does hell of a lot and allows stuff to be played off the computer too! Vinny bought the latest Harry Potter movie on blu ray to try out as well. So we got the player home and he rigged it up, it's pretty impressive too, it's a shame we have to watch it on the old tv though, the quality looks great but imagine what it could be like on a digital tv I said.

So off we trot to have a look at digital tv's and thr prices are not too bad so we end up buying a tv from comet and it is the same make as the blu ray so hopefully it will all work together and it is really impressive although we haven't tried all the features out yet. Tomorrw we need to buy a couple of leads and the comptuer can be rigged up so we can watch stuff from there too!

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