Thursday, 18 March 2010

Time To Get Fit

I'm quite healthy according to the test at work, my cholesterol level is really low but I'm over weight and my BMI is high so my weight is 13st 9lb which is lower than Christmas which I'm happy about. So now it is down to the hard work to lose a stone in weight. I am watching what I eat and I'm trying to get to the gym more so fingers crossed that will shift the flab.

I went running tonight, with a mixed success. I was only out for 15-20 minutes just running round the block. I was huffing and puffing a lot but I made some simple mistakes. So big notes for me, don't go running on a full stomach, cut down on the layers as lycra tights, top, jacket are enough. So although I didn't manage much I did get out and therefore it was a success. Now I must stretch the distance and time running!

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