Monday, 23 January 2012

Winter Blues

I can't wait for winter to go and spring to turn up. I tried to go for a ride out yesterday and I turned back home as the wind was so strong, it's bad enough whe you are riding into a head wind but when you are fighting with your bike too, that was enough for me so I turned around and dejectedly came home. I think that may be the only time I've done that!

My training is going well, Worked my chest on Friday and I'm there again tonight. Sometimes I don't feel like going but when I get there I do enjoy it and feel good afterwards. So when I feel like this I have put some photo's for inspiration on my ipod of guys working out and fit bodies, so that I can look and think about why I need to go to the gym, hope it works!

It seems the mouse invasion is over (I hope I'm not speaking too soon), I think I killed about 30 of them since November after the disgusting neighbours of mine moved out. The house was a real mess apparently and even the builder in there has told me of stories of the mice in the house eating through plaster. Vince has sealed the holes under the floor lading into the kitchen so hopefully that is sorted!


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