Monday, 30 January 2012

Trying To Be Positive!

There seems to be so much I want to set and achieve this year, my fitness is right up there at the top which I am so surprised about. This time last year I never even thought about being fit but it is amazing how you change. The trouble with me is, I have it all set in my mind, but soon as I get home I just want to stay in, where it is warm and sit in front of the PC all night surfing and playing music. I need to start and get to the gym more regularly although I did get there yesterday (Sunday) and tomorrow is my training night with Steve. He made my night last Friday as he remarked how toned I was looking, I'm getting there!

I need to make changes to my diet too, stop eating so much bread. It is whoelwheat bread I'm eating but lots of it, from sarnies to toast, I even had home made fish cakes and they had breadcrumbs in them too! Also I need to look at my breakfast too, maybe trying to eat eggs, well maybe but I might have to boil them the night before otherwise I just might not have time for them!

Otherwise, I'm really chuffed with how things are going health wise, at this moment I weigh 76.6kg or 12st 2lbs. My fitness is really good although there's always room for improvement. My body shape is slowly changing and yes, there are muscles there too! Roll on summer, vests, tops and shorts, me thinks I'm gonna be posing this summer and why not!


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