Sunday, 4 March 2012

Changing Times Ahead

I got told this week that I'm back on a 5 day week, I think it was all a big con as the orders never really dropped off and I think it was so they could move the machinery around at work, we'll see! On Friday evening I was at the gym working with Steve and he was asking how I thought we had gone over the last 6 months, I told him how pleased I was with the way we had copletely tuned my body around. My goals were to lose weight, get fit and put muscle on, two of the them have been reached and muscle is getting there. He sais we should really be putting muscle on and less cardio work (which helped with my fitness) So I think we will be changing things around when I'm at the gym next (tomorrow) and start bodybuilding I guess. Whatever, I am really liking the results and feel great to watch this space!

Went to Orlando's Christnening today and it was nice to see the gathering of the family but was really crowded at Angie's. Everything seemed to go well too, which is always a good thing in my book!


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