Sunday, 25 March 2012

Offically Summer!

The clocks went back an hour this morning so that means it's summer time! This weekend, the weather has been great started off really cold and foggy but turned really warm and sunny, today wasn't as warm but slightly windy, still nice. I had my first workout with Steve and was great, had a good chest workout, looked really pumped, if only it stopped like that! Let's see how I feel tomorrow, hopefully will have that workout ache, then I know it has been a good workout.

I've been slowly turning my CD collection into MP3's and storing them on my external harddrive, do you realise how long it takes to convert into MP3's then scan the covers in? Guess I'm halfway through but it has given me chance to listen to stuff I haven't listened to for ages. I forgot how some albums are great and there's one or two that I wonder why did I buy them in the first place, also there's the ones that you bought as the singles off them were great to find out that they are the only good tracks on the CD!


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