Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Back to Normal

Had a week off work last week and it rained and hailed most of it. Me and Vince got wet loads of times and even walking to the gym on Sunday I got hailed on. It was a fairly quiet week, apart from paying bills, the usual coffee and muffin stops and the wanders around town.

Gym training doing good, Steve has started training with me and he was talking again of quiting Fitness First last week but never said anymore about it on Sunday but did mention to Richard about getting a gym membership. I really need to know what he is planning as I might need to look at getting another trainer if he leaves, or if he stays and we workout together more and he is happy with working out with me then I'll be happy with that. Vince took a few quick photo's of me and it is the first time I have seen my back since we starting training and I am really impressed with the results, but the thing the most is how my back is beginning to widen out which is looking great, when the back is wide and tapered it gives the impression of a small waist, a typical bodybuilder look. So I want to work out even more now!

My back went at work today, but not as bad as it has been, slight discomfort but still can move, hopefully it will ease during the night as I'm training again tomorrow night and don't want it to interfer, not that it has done before!


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