Sunday, 1 April 2012

A Cold In Summer

I can't believe it, I managed to get all the way though winter without a cold or anything, come the first week of summer and I get a cold, a really bad one too. I know where it has started from, I had a sore in my throat and that's started it all. I lost my voice and got a heavy cold, I went for a training session with Steve and felt crap before it but good for a while afterwards. Then the cold really took hold and been here over the last few days. I had another training session today and had a sauna afterwards with a vapour rub on my chest to clear the sinuses but I couldn't even smell the stuff. I must have inhaled half of that steam room but still got headache and bunged up! I just hope it is on it's way now as I'm on holiday in 4 days time!

Todays workout was pretty good, it was a chest and bicep workout but Steve decided he was working out with me which was more fun. He's a fit guy, but his fitness levels lie in the stuff he does for his football and that meant I could outpace him on press ups, well for the time being anyhow!


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