Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Weekend Is Over

I'm sat here just getting stuff ready for work and I'm wondering just where the weekend has gone! It has been another cold weekend, it was raining and hailstones fell whilst we were in town shopping and I just wonder if we are ever going to get any good weather? Had a couple of good workouts this weekend, getting used to the new gym now, it's not as good as Fitness First but it's ok for what I need. I've yet to go on a night time but I have to this week, I need to start getting a proper workout routine in place. I have spoken to a guy who used to be at the old gym about personal training which he is happy to do, but I'm still waiting on the X-ray for my knee. Once I have that sorted I can make plans about PT training.

April has been a really expensive month for me with so many birthdays and bills to pay, so I'm looking forward to May and to try and get some saving done, before you know it Christmas will be here again and I will be in the same state as I always am! I have vowed to make sure Christmas is paid for early so that there's money left for us so that we can enjoy the festivities too!

A friend of mine has asked why I don't set up a Twitter page for my bear Five, I as thinking about it as I could use it as my alter-ego and say the things I would like to say, or not! I'll think it over and just maybe do it and see just how many followers he gets. On Flickr, I always get asked about him and keep getting odd messages about why there's no photo's of him and the boys so he is popular on there!


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