Saturday, 4 May 2013

A Long Weekend Break

At last, after ringing up the physio again to find out why I hadn't had an x-ray appointment, an appointment turned up yesterday. I rang them to find out why I hadn't heard anything and I find out that the hospital never received the request from the physio, so I had to start it again and they have rushed it through. The appointment is for Wednesday 8th May at 9am so I won't be going to work to start with, but hopefully should get there for about 11am hopefully. Finally things are moving enough to get closer to getting my knee sorted and I just hope it is as quick to get the results and to get it worked on and repaired!

I have a long weekend which I'm pleased about just for the time from work and to chill out. I've got nothing planned but I will be going to the gym and the usual wander around town and no doubt will involve a coffee and a muffin at some point! The weather is supposed to be nice, so it might be bbq time I hope, but I just want it warm enough for me to wear my shorts, I don't ask for much!


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