Friday, 7 February 2014

TFI Friday

I'm glad the weekend is here, it has been a long week and I have had a heavy cold since Monday and no doubt it is Manflu! So I am looking forward to a much needed lie in, if my body clock let's me as it seems to be set on a 6am wake up system! I just want to get over it quickly so I can resume normality and not have to be close to a hankie for my streaming eyes and nose!

I got the Nilsson box set I won on Tuesday, finally! I didn't think it was going to arrive as I know how bad the post service is getting these days. So I was happy to see it and took it out of the packaging and all is fine. In fact the box is marked up as a promotional box set, so that pleased me too. I'm slowly working my way through the box set and I think I'm up to Nilsson's 7th album and to my surprise there are some hidden gem's amongst the collection so far, songs I knew but didn't know they were by him so it is becoming a really good listen, thanks again SDE

The music blog seems to be slowly getting looked at, I don't know if people like it of if they are just nicking the artwork I'm posting. I'm enjoying posting the stuff so as long as I enjoy it, I'll carry on, I just wish some one would write or leave a comment so I know it is reaching out to someone!


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