Sunday, 26 January 2014

Celebrations And Competitions

I was at a 50th birthday party last night for my best friend Nigel. I've known him for 25 years and his wife organised the party for him. Following on this he is going to Las Vegas for a few days so that should be amazing for him. It was nice to catch up with his family as, like other families they have their problems getting on with other members of the family but everyone enjoyed themselves.

Things have been good so far, but the weather has been bad, but not as bad as other areas of the country. It has been raining all day here today and we have not been out anywhere but as I write this it looks like there's a bit of blue sky trying to poke through though maybe a little late!

I won a competition last week too! There's a web site called Super Deluxe Edition that review and put on the site all things about album releases and special edition packages of albums with extra discs of unreleased stuff, remixes ect. Anyhow, there was a competition to win a Nillson box set of his albums and I won it! I was really chuffed so now I'm waiting for it to arrive so I can listen to it, I can't wait. It gives me a push to enter more competition now too!


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