Sunday, 13 May 2012

That Was A Nice Weekend

I've had a pretty good weekend, got my mountain bike back on Friday after geting a new back brake put on which cost me £120 but is worth it. Saturday morning I went to the gym, worked my back and abs then got sorted to go into town. I had a contact lense eye test in the afternoon, so that's why I swapped things around as usually I'd be in town then to the gym!It was sunny for a change which made things feel good, although it was cold due to the wind blowing, but seeing the sun made the difference.

Sunday morning started with my usual bike ride out, the sun was out again but a strong wind made it an interesting ride. I got into Cottingham and a cyclist was riding round a roundabout as I rode over it and he stayed behind me, I thought he'd be riding off but seemed to hang behind. He came up to me after a mile or so and apologised for riding behind me hiding from the wind and I laughed as no-one had done that before and he rode in front of me so that I could make use of the wind shield. We said our goodbyes as he went on his way as we got onto Cottingham Road, but it made me think and smile as I must have been going fast enough for him to want to stay behind me, some of these riders travel so fast, maybe I am a better rider than what I give myself credit for!


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