Thursday, 3 May 2012

Visit To The Doctors

Went to the doctors today, saved up my ailments and went with a job lot! I've had a problem with my stomach swelling for years and it has been swelling like normal but I'm farting almost all the time, straight after food too, even when I'm at the gym. So I decided I really needed to get it sorted as I'm suffering and it's embarressing. I explained to him what the symptoms were and he told me after feeling about my stomach that I have got Irratable Bowel Syndrome. I had wondered before if it could be that but seeing I wasn't suffering any pain I dismissed the though. Apparently you can have IBS without the pain as he described what it is, so I have got pills and high fibre drink to help relax my bowels and ease everything.

Went also about my knee as it has been giving me some pain and told me to take some painkillers for it, except they would affect my IBS lol, so the knee can be sorted and the IBS can be cured so here's to sorting everything out. I'm giving myself 4 weeks to ease the symptoms of IBS, watch this space!


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