Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Down At The Doctors (Part 2)

Went to see the nurse today to get some blood taken, went ok, pulse is really good. She said that she could tell I was an active guy because of my strong pulse, so that made me happy. I have put a stone on since I guess September, not happy about it but it just tells me more that once you make the decision to follow a healthy lifestyle, you have to keep it for life as the fat soon comes creeping back up on you, but saying that, she did weigh me with all my clothes and shoes on so I guess I could take several pounds off, maybe! I will get the results in about 10 days but she said not to expect a call as she thinks I'm in really good health and the issues that I have been concerned about were just off days.

Also today, finally the physio got in touch with me. It is bloody hard getting through to them as it has taken me 4 attempts, but they rang me tonight. They asked a few questions and she seemed to agree with the doctor's idea that it could be a torn cartilage in my knee. So I have made an appointment to see the physio but it is on March 13th at 10am, so I'm gonna have to take some time off work but I really want this sorting out as it has been going on since June last year! Fingers crossed they can sort it!


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