Sunday, 10 February 2013

Non Starter

This year so far has started out ok. Not been to the gym since September, health really been a bit iffy I guess as 3 months of getting over my virus that I had, my on going knee problem and the lack of will to get my fat arse down to the gym hasn't helped me at all. I am back at doctors this week (Wednesday) to get my knee sorted once and for all, the meds they gave me have stopped the pain but it is really weak and sporadic pain from it means there's no way I can stand and put pressure on my leg, stand on one leg or even think of running till I know once and for all what it is!

Talking gyms, I got my letter from Fitness First saying they are shutting the gym down in March which is a real shame, I started at the new gym but still have to set foot into the place, but I will. I know also how, once you set out on a diet and change the way you eat, it has to be forever, it has to be a way of life. I have noticed through my months of inactivity that the weight has come back on and I am struggling to get my head back into the idea of dieting again. All the crappy food from Christmas has gone and I am on a sort of healthy eating plan but need to really tighten it up and get it sorted.

Back on 5 day week again from this week, before Christmas we went on 3 days and I have had 2 weeks of 4 days but I needed it this week as I have had yet another heavy cold, but not as bad as the one I had which caused my virus problems. My goals this year are still the same, to lose weight, build muscle and to run and keep on cycling as well as I have not done much of that at all. I'm not impressed with myself at all, time for the proverbial kick up the arse!


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