Saturday, 23 March 2013

Latest News!

I need a holiday, my Easter break is coming up next week and I just can't wait. Spring is suppose to be here but it has been snowing here and it is so cold. I need some sunshine or something to remind me that spring is just around the corner. I'm fed up of wearing winter clothes and not being able to wear less layers and wear stuff that I'm not gonna get soaked in!

Diet is going well, today I got weighed and I'm 81.2kgs which is around 12st 10lb which I'm chuffed about as I know the diet is beginning to work. I just need my knee to be ok. enough to get me to the gym anyhow. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get there and I can start to shift the pounds and get back to the weight I was any maybe lose a few more pounds and get to see my abs, that's my goal anyhow. Here is a photo of how I look right now, not very flattering but that is what I want so I can see where I was to where I get to!

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