Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Physio Day

Went to see the physio today and after some moving and pressing on my leg, she thinks I've got weakened muscle around my knee on the inner side. She found the area that hurts, pressed on it a lot and you could hear my knee cracking. She says that the weakened muscle is preventing my knee from moving in a straight line and is in fact moving at a slight angle, which is making the knee crack and is weak. So I have to go for an x-ray for my peace of mind she says and then I can start some physio with her to get the knee strengthened up again. She also aid there is no reason why I can't go back to the gym or start cycling again. So I plan to start the gym at the weekend, hopefully it will be a little quiet so that I can slowly get my knee working and the fact it is a new gym and got to get used to the place too! Can't wait!


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