Friday, 17 January 2014

Easing Into The New Year

So far the first couple of weeks have been ok. Work been busy as we have been doing prototypes for the show in Birmingham which opens this Sunday. I don't think I've ever known it to be so chaotic as it has been regarding protos. They didn't know what was going until last minute and then becomes a rush. At least that is done now and begins the catching up at work as it has put us behind with all the production, we have been here before!

Still not been back to the gym yet, just can't seem to get myself there, or even show any enthusiasm to go, I will, it is just a mind set I have to sort. I looked at myself in the mirror and I'm looking fat in all the wrong places which is depressing. I have got some ideas for recipes for losing weight so they are going to be tried for my dinners at work! Nigella does a great butternut squash and sweet potato soup with is really nice, so will do more of that!

The last few days my back has been playing up with the old injury I carry with it, I don't know what has set it off but it kept waking me up last night so I'm sat with a water bottle on my back warming it through and hopefully will sort it out! It's one thing after another, shows how unfit I am though! I was asked to go running last week from a guy I follow of Twitter, I declined but that is another goal to aim for, if I can get my arse out of the chair!


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