Saturday, 7 April 2007


Well it's Easter time, the weather here has been nice so far as usually this time of year in the UK it's raining or just cold and dull. I've got a few days off and still recovering from having the tooth out, just got dull pain all the time now. I should be decorating the hallway and landing but I'm away for today and tomorrow so it won't get started till Monday now maybe lol, got stuff to sort and move too which I can do.

I have a huge record and CD collection that is basically in a shelving unit on the landing and in the spare room. I have been sorting through my collection and had a few bits sold on Ebay and stuff has been taken to the charity shop as well. I have got loads of old cassettes that I have bought again on CD so they have gone, hope somebody can find a use for them. Just my old cassettes to go through now, of stuff I've recored over the years although I have bought most of them on CD too, isn't it amazing how much you can collect over the years and not throw away.

Time to get a photo up of me on here, me thinks. Here is a photo from my London trip outside Harrods in 2005


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