Sunday, 29 April 2007

New Bike

I'm looking for a new mountain bike. I have had this bike, an Orange c16 for nearly 13 years and paid around £600 for it then. It was an amazing bike, weighs around 23lb I think and can pick it up with one hand. We have been riding around since and I've been using it for work but over the years it has become worn and tired. I would like to go for another Orange but they only make bikes now for competition at £1000 plus, so that's way out of my price range and I can't justify paying that much on something that is going to be parked outside of work. I have been looking around for a new bike but nothing really has caught my eye but I keep looking. I really need one soon as this bike is on it's last legs, it needs so many repairs doing that it would cost a fair amount which now would be better put towards a new bike. I don't drive so my bike is my transport around, so just got to keep looking I guess!


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