Sunday, 22 April 2007


I had food poisoning this weekend and have been really ill. I have put it down to the fish and chips from the local chip shop and although they tasted ok the effects didn't hit me until Saturday morning. Me and my partner decided to go to Manchester this weekend and was looking forward to it, but I started to feel ill during the car drive there and gradually got worse. The scary part was that I almost passed out as everything started going grey but luckily I got sat down before I went down.

So I got home and went straight to bed and stayed there till about 7pm ish and just came down and laid on the sofa. Today I feel a lot better but not perfect, hopefully I should be ok for work tomorrow. It kinda scared me as a few years back I had uticaria (I think it's spelt) which is an ellergic reaction and was ill for days. My doctor told me not to try and find what it was as it could kill me, the symptoms were very similar except I didn't get a body rash!

I bought a mobile phone while I was there which I didn't open till today which is not like me as something like that I can't wait to get my hands on it! I also bought some record boxes for my singles which are like rocking horse shit! My old single boxes are falling apart but HMV are selling metal cases but they are hard to get and so far only been able to get them in Leeds and Manchester. I really don't know how many I need but have started so hopefully this time next year I will have them all!


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