Sunday, 19 August 2007

Back To Normal

Well, I went back to work this week and everything just seems as normal as it did before I went on holiday. I did enjoy the break, I went to London for 4 days, and Brighton on one of those days. The second week saw me in York, Scarborough, Manchester and Leeds so I did get about a bit. Went back to work to begin learning to program a new machine we were getting, it was similar to the old machine but obviously does a lot more so as well as doing my programming I had to take care of my job as well as sort out other problems. Through all this I have had to work overtime, so been doing 11 hour days plus Saturday and Sunday. I'm tired and a little bit annoyed I didn't get out on my bike but having said that it is raining. I was lucky with the weather as the week before I broke up it rained and we had 2 glorious weeks of sunshine and now all back to normal like I said!


Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Holiday In The Sun

Wow, it is nice to have my holiday in the sunshine. I am into my second week of my holiday and it feels great. I was in London last week for 4 days, this week I have been to York for a day and possibly going to Manchester one day this week. I got a camera for my birthday, a Canon EOS 400D and it is awesome. I used it in London and it has been going around with me. Got a users guide book to read and that is quite a read so will do bits a a time. Had quite a few good remarks about my red mohawk, I really like it and glad I have grown it back!