Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Feeling Good

Since I last put anything on here my life has just been plodding on. I've just been doing the same stuff as usual but been going to the gym more often than usual. I've toned up a fair old bit and look quite good, so I'm on a diet again and now have a personal trainer at the gym called Steve. It is really hard work doing a lot of stuff I've never done or been years since I've done it. My body is aching, had some really odd feelings like after the first session early Saturday morning I woke to go to the toilet and I felt really drunk and when I woke the next morning I felt hungover, so what the hell was that? I asked him but he reckons I interupted the body in recovery by going to toilet, typical me!

So, in the last 3 weeks I have lost 5 pounds in weight and am now 12stone 10 pounds. The lightest I've been for over 12 years, clothes are too big for me, jeans I can pull off without undoing them and I am really chuffed with it. My goal weight is 12 and a half stone, but if I get to 12 stones them I'll be happy but I'll stop there!