Monday, 2 February 2009

Weird And Wonderful Four Days!

I'm typing today as I have an unnofficial day off, well my lay off day has been moved from Friday to today. We had a machine that got flooded out by a valve blowing off the overhead heater last Sunday and pumped thousands of gallons of water over it. This meant we ran out of work and they have been trying to produce enough stuff so we can go back to work with something to do.

This weekend we went to Leeds for the day, it was cold but dry so we were ok going in and out of shops and having a coffee. Sunday I went for a ride on the road bike, only the second time I've managed to get out on it but feel a lot more confident riding it now. I rode to Beverley and once out of Hull away from the traffic lights, I could get used to the gears and riding with both feet clipped in. As I got to Beverley it began to snow and I decided I'd better turn back and ride home before things get worse, I got home fine but the snow was on and off all day yesterday. When I work this morning it had been snowing all through the night and had laid. Today it has been snowing quite a lot and some really heavy snow falls mixed with Thunder, how strange!