Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sad Return To The Gym

Went back to the gym today, first time I have been since September (or as I was told 124 days). I need to see what I can do workout wise, that isn't going to do too much damage to my knee and also to see the staff. As you might know from reading here, Fitness First is closing the gym down on the 4th of March and I'm pretty gutted about it but there's nothing that can be done. I wanted to see some of the staff as over the years you get to know some of them and it would be a shame not to say goodbye, even though some are going to the new gym that I'm going to. It is such a shame they couldn't save the place as I have a lot of good memories there, I did feel a slight sadness when I looked around

I got to the gym and it was really quiet, more quiet than usual on a Sunday, but some of the equipment has already gone, the heating isn't working and some of the machines are out of use. I tired to go on the cross trainer but it soon started hurting my knee, so I tried some other things and each brought a different ache to my knee which pissed me off. I can't use much and even using some of the machines say for chest or shoulders, you brace yourself using your knees and that is when I can feel it. It isn't going to stop me, I need to go this week even if I end up cycling all the time at least I'm doing something. I just hope they get my knee sorted next month!


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Down At The Doctors (Part 2)

Went to see the nurse today to get some blood taken, went ok, pulse is really good. She said that she could tell I was an active guy because of my strong pulse, so that made me happy. I have put a stone on since I guess September, not happy about it but it just tells me more that once you make the decision to follow a healthy lifestyle, you have to keep it for life as the fat soon comes creeping back up on you, but saying that, she did weigh me with all my clothes and shoes on so I guess I could take several pounds off, maybe! I will get the results in about 10 days but she said not to expect a call as she thinks I'm in really good health and the issues that I have been concerned about were just off days.

Also today, finally the physio got in touch with me. It is bloody hard getting through to them as it has taken me 4 attempts, but they rang me tonight. They asked a few questions and she seemed to agree with the doctor's idea that it could be a torn cartilage in my knee. So I have made an appointment to see the physio but it is on March 13th at 10am, so I'm gonna have to take some time off work but I really want this sorting out as it has been going on since June last year! Fingers crossed they can sort it!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Down At The Doctors

Just got back from the doctors, I always feel guilty about going to doctors as there's always someone (I think anyhow) who needs their time more than me! Anyhow, she thinks that I might have a cartilage tear in my knee, so I have to get in touch with the physio service again. Also I have to go back on Tuesday for some blood tests, get myself sorted, checked and if I need them, pills to get me back into tip top condition. Wish me luck!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Non Starter

This year so far has started out ok. Not been to the gym since September, health really been a bit iffy I guess as 3 months of getting over my virus that I had, my on going knee problem and the lack of will to get my fat arse down to the gym hasn't helped me at all. I am back at doctors this week (Wednesday) to get my knee sorted once and for all, the meds they gave me have stopped the pain but it is really weak and sporadic pain from it means there's no way I can stand and put pressure on my leg, stand on one leg or even think of running till I know once and for all what it is!

Talking gyms, I got my letter from Fitness First saying they are shutting the gym down in March which is a real shame, I started at the new gym but still have to set foot into the place, but I will. I know also how, once you set out on a diet and change the way you eat, it has to be forever, it has to be a way of life. I have noticed through my months of inactivity that the weight has come back on and I am struggling to get my head back into the idea of dieting again. All the crappy food from Christmas has gone and I am on a sort of healthy eating plan but need to really tighten it up and get it sorted.

Back on 5 day week again from this week, before Christmas we went on 3 days and I have had 2 weeks of 4 days but I needed it this week as I have had yet another heavy cold, but not as bad as the one I had which caused my virus problems. My goals this year are still the same, to lose weight, build muscle and to run and keep on cycling as well as I have not done much of that at all. I'm not impressed with myself at all, time for the proverbial kick up the arse!