Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year Everyone

As I write this it is almost January the 1st 2014. I look towards the new year with optimism and with all what has gone on regarding myself, all I can say is ''Bring It On.'' I think I have been through a bit of a depression regarding how I have felt over the last few months. A lot of things have upset me, pissed me off and it could be the least little thing and I have wanted to basically cry. I was in Tesco's with Vince Christmas shopping and was going down the escalator with piped Christmas music in the store and I just wanted to cry, I felt so down. I struggle to say if it was depression or just feeling sorry for myself when there has been two people I was close to who have died just before Xmas of cancer, so I feel like I should be saying to stop acting like a twat!

So I look towards the start of the New Year with the my words of wisdom, "Live Every Day" and try to fill every day this year doing something really useful, or to justify to myself that it is useful. I have basically sat on my arse and not been to the gym, so that is where all my focus is going in 2014. Tomorrow morning I am going to get weighed and measured and get this carcase back on it's diet! I see all these photo's of guys with fit bodies thinking I really want to look like that but then as I look at these I'm sat on my arse, at the computer eating! I am making resolutions like everyone else but I seriously need to stick to them, I really need to, I just can keep going on the way I am, for my health, my life and my sanity. Wish me luck everyone.

I just want to wish whoever reads this occasional post a happy new year and if you read it, how about leaving me a message just to say you read it! Stay safe in 2014