Thursday, 20 January 2011

Life's Been Good To Me So Far

So far things have been ok, not done everything I've set out to do but slowly getting sorted. The windows are now being made and roughly 6 weeks time they should be getting fitted. I bought another pair of shoes, some Jasper Conrad brogues, £82 from Debenahms but opened up an account and got 10% off the price. They are fantastic shoes, really comfy and they look great too.
Got a letter from Vinny on Monday saying he wants us to get back together and I'm pleased he is sorting himself out, I really hope we can save our relationship and that it has not gone too far, too long, but I'm willing to give it a go.

It's the mystery weekend this weekend, I just hope it's ok and I'm not looking forward to it. It was bought for a Christmas present originally for me and Vinny but seeing he buggered off it is just me going. I don't know where it is, what hotel it is and as far as I know it isn't fancy dress. As far as I know there's an 80's party on the night so that should be ok and seeing I'm going with the rest of the gang from the hotel at least I'm in good company. I hope that Saturday afternoon we get a chance to have a wander around wherever we are and there's no way I'm going to be going from pub to pub like they do sometimes when they go to London. What do you wear, that is the question I got to sort lol


Friday, 14 January 2011

So Far So Good

It's the 14th of January and this month has been pretty great. I've spent a lot of money on myself, 3 pairs of jeans, a pair of toms shoes, new Assos cycling tights and odd bits oh and a hat!

I've got myself a new mobile phone too but it's taking a bit of getting used to, it's a Blackberry Curve and wanted one for ages. Originally it was going to be pay as you go but the guy at Virgin said it would work out to over £700 if I wanted to use all the features but £270 if I got it over 2 years and £12.00 a month. So I'm on a contract and I've bearly used it but this weekend it's gonna start to get used more.

On Monday I got a quote for the rest of the house windows getting double glazed and they quoted me £1556 which I thought was ok for the 4 windows I need. All I need now is a surveyor to come here and then we can get it all started