Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Latest Gym Session

Been to the gym tonight with Steve. He officaly left Fitness First last week and I did wonder what would be happening with the training, he come up with some ideas and also a reduction in the money he was charging. Anyhow, Amanda at the gym said that she could sign him in the gym tonight so that's what we did and we are going to try it this way until something is said, also with my membership I can sign him in on a weekend. I really think he seems pretty keen on training with me, this is my problem, I lack self confidence and think that people don't always like me or just put up with me, but I am sure he must like working out with me, time will see I guess. I did give him the option of tellig me when he didn't want to do it anymore and not to feel obliged to carry on, if we finished I think I would look at another personal trainer,

Tonight I reached a personal best on the bench press, lifting 70kg for 6 reps, which doesn't sound a great deal but it is a lot to me and means a lot too! I am getting stronger and is such a confidence booster, except right now I'm knackered lol. I so much want to be bigger and more muscular, one day!


Sunday, 13 May 2012

That Was A Nice Weekend

I've had a pretty good weekend, got my mountain bike back on Friday after geting a new back brake put on which cost me £120 but is worth it. Saturday morning I went to the gym, worked my back and abs then got sorted to go into town. I had a contact lense eye test in the afternoon, so that's why I swapped things around as usually I'd be in town then to the gym!It was sunny for a change which made things feel good, although it was cold due to the wind blowing, but seeing the sun made the difference.

Sunday morning started with my usual bike ride out, the sun was out again but a strong wind made it an interesting ride. I got into Cottingham and a cyclist was riding round a roundabout as I rode over it and he stayed behind me, I thought he'd be riding off but seemed to hang behind. He came up to me after a mile or so and apologised for riding behind me hiding from the wind and I laughed as no-one had done that before and he rode in front of me so that I could make use of the wind shield. We said our goodbyes as he went on his way as we got onto Cottingham Road, but it made me think and smile as I must have been going fast enough for him to want to stay behind me, some of these riders travel so fast, maybe I am a better rider than what I give myself credit for!


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend

It's been a typical Bank Holiday Weekend really, weather wise, cold and rainy! But, it has been nice having the time off work. The meds are working for my IBS so that's good, managed a workout on Saturday without farting my head off whilst working my abs.

Today I went for a ride out for an hour, was a fairly good ride and saw quite a few riders out. They, like me must have been taking advantage of the reasonably good weather, cold and breezy but still was a good ride. Later on it was my training session with Steve and reached a personal best doing bench press. I bench pressed 2x 30kg dumb bells which I'm really chuffed about and it proves things are really moving at the gym!


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Visit To The Doctors

Went to the doctors today, saved up my ailments and went with a job lot! I've had a problem with my stomach swelling for years and it has been swelling like normal but I'm farting almost all the time, straight after food too, even when I'm at the gym. So I decided I really needed to get it sorted as I'm suffering and it's embarressing. I explained to him what the symptoms were and he told me after feeling about my stomach that I have got Irratable Bowel Syndrome. I had wondered before if it could be that but seeing I wasn't suffering any pain I dismissed the though. Apparently you can have IBS without the pain as he described what it is, so I have got pills and high fibre drink to help relax my bowels and ease everything.

Went also about my knee as it has been giving me some pain and told me to take some painkillers for it, except they would affect my IBS lol, so the knee can be sorted and the IBS can be cured so here's to sorting everything out. I'm giving myself 4 weeks to ease the symptoms of IBS, watch this space!