Monday, 26 January 2009

Out And About

I managed to get out on my road bike a couple of weeks ago, what a weird experience that was. I am so used to my mountain bike that just handling the bike was a new thing, it is so light. The next thing was the pedals, I use SPD pedals on the mountain bike which are standard pedals and road bike use SPD SL pedals (there are others but I wanted these). The pedals are more stronger and only can be used one sided, SPD's can be turned either way to clip into. So a lot of the way I was riding with one shoe clipped in and clipped the other one in when I felt more confident. Next were the brakes, on a mountain bike they are in front of you, a road bike they are on the front of the curved handlebars, you have to ride in a different way and keep your hands near the brakes.

As I rode you could feel all the bumps in the road as I'm used to full suspension as I rode to Cottingham which I chose as it isn't that far away and I always seem to ride there with a new bike lol. As I rode up to the traffic lights in Cottingham I knew there was someone behind me and I was turning right as he was going straight on at the lights, they were on red and he said wow, that's a great bike and I explained about it. So we pulled over to one side and began to chat about bikes, his name was Dave and seemed pretty friendly. He shot off and I went to where I was going, had a drink and got some cyclist to take my photo with my bike. Another rider pulled up as I was setting off and began to chat to me about the Hull CTC which I am thinking of joining. She seemed nice and they other guy who pulled up said it would be good for me to join, let me get used to the bike first then I will, I replied. It was an amazing ride, but just need to get out more to seee how I go with the bike. Rain and high winds stopped me last weekend so I'm hoping this weekend will be ok.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Cleat Sorting

I've been trying to sort out the cleats on my cycling shoes, I'm using SDP SL pedals on my road bike but they feel really different to my mountain bike. I think I'm gonna have to go out on the bike without my cycling shoes to get a feel of the bike first. It feels so different and I'm a little nervous as well as excited about going out on it. Once I'm riding it, I'm sure it will be great. I'm hoping to start the gym this week and start to lose the weight I have piled on again and have a fairly decent weight plus fitness level and I want to ride to Withernsea again and see how I feel. Last time I rode there it killed me and I've not attempted it again.

I've been put on a 4 day week again, we got told on Tuesday that it would start this week. I thought we might have got January out of the way first but no, it has surprised me how quick it has happened. Guess it will be the gym and riding for me on Fridays!

Saturday, 3 January 2009

I'm A Roadie

Finally a wish come true, I finally bought a road bike. I have been after one for ages and after a lot of thought on my part, plus I had some gift vouchers for the gift shop and it was in the sale I got it today. It is a Cannondale CAAD 5 bright red, the same colour as my MTB and got some SPD SL pedals, so I have to learn to master them.

I've not rode it yet, I walked it from the bike shop as I didn't have my helmet with me and had some bags with me too. Just walking it home you can feel it is different from a MTB, theres no suspension so I'm gonna feel every bump. The life of a cyclist!