Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Dentist Again

I'm off to the dentist later today. I broke a tooth on Christmas day whilst tucking into my Christmas dinner and I reckon they will pull it as it has been filled before. I really do not like going to the dentist as I have had loads of work done to my teeth when I was younger. I've had a brace twice and had perfectly healthy teeth taken out to fit it. Some of the pain I've had afterwards having had them cleaned or a filling so I am not of fan of dentists!
I've just got back home after going there and he's put a temporary filling in but I need to either get it filled or a crown put on but I don't know which is best. It will cost £50 for the filling or £200 of the crown. I will think about it and decide but whatever, I want to save this tooth!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas Has Been!

Wow doesn't time fly past so quickly these days. I can't believe I've fogot about my blog too. So I'm going to make a proper effort to keep this more up to date. I've had a kind of blog going on my Flickr page but that finally finishes in a couple of days. I called it "A Day In My Life" and it was a photo set of 365 days in my life. Some times I got a lot of ideas for photo's and other times there wasn't anything going on or the weather was too bad for me to go out to get any photo's. So as I write this I have 3 days left to go so I should be able to complete it!

I had a good Christmas got some really good presents too, some useful ones which is always great and plenty of chocs and biscuits too. I got a waterproof video camera which should be great for when I'm out and about on my bike so I won't have to worry if it rains! Here is a photo of my from Christmas Day evening!