Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year

Well, the year is ending and I need to start the new year with an open mind, hopes and resolutions. Me and Vince split up on the 6th of December after 11 and a half years together. Obviously I was and still am gutted but I'm slowly coming round to the fact that it's gonna be me from now on. Our friends say he has gone through a mid life crisis and left me for a 16 year old and God! He has destroyed all his friendships with everyone in Goole too, that's why I think he has had more of a breakdown of sorts than anything. There's nothing I can do, apart from swapping presents at Christmas I've not spoken to him and I don't think we will.

So as I type this I am full of hope that 2011 will be my year, all the great things I want to happen will happen and make it a special and fantastic year for me. I've resolutions such as going to the gym more often, going out on my bike and riding further than last year, I will grow spiritually too and develope my Reiki and resume where it all left off and push it further!

Happy New Year to all those who come across my page!