Sunday, 9 March 2014

Is Spring Here At Last?

What a lovely day today, it was sunny and warm and it is amazing how a bit of sunshine and warmth seem to make everything come alive! Hopefully we will get some decent weather now and help to get the plants growing in the back yard. There are a few seedlings finally growing but out of all the seeds I've planted there's only tomatoes, and chili's coming through as well as sunflowers. So went and bought some pepper plants and probably have to go and buy some herb plants. It is always great watching them grow and then eating the fruits at the end.

I've started a new gym, JD Gym, which is in the old Fitness First building I used to go to last year. It is a pretty good gym, but the atmosphere is a lot better than the last gym I went to and also loads of the old faces that used to be at Fitness First are either coming back or are working at the new place! Was talking to Amanda today who told me she was sacked from the last gym we went to and now is back at JD Gyms so it is nice to see her. It has given me a real buzz to get my arse in gear and get back into shape. I'm going to try and get there as much as I can this month and to try and shake off this 2 stone I've put on. Wish me luck please!