Friday, 19 October 2007

Foot Injury

For several months now, I've been walking around with a foot injury, which I put down with the long hours at work where I am constantly on my feet and to the footwear I wear at work. I finally went to see my doctor who told me I had to see a physiotherapist as he couldn't do anything. I went to see the guy last night and it seems I have got a condition called Plantar Fascitis which is the tendon the heel of the foot is inflamed and sore. He said it is due to overuse, which means a lot of walking but can be healed (no pun intended). I had shockwave treatment on it which meant 20,000 volts into the heel right on the spot it hurts to stimulate healing and also I have to stretch my foot as also it means the tendon is trying to flatten the arch of my foot. So I have to have treatment on it for the next 2 weeks and hopefully it will work, plus now I know exactly what I am dealing with, I can use Reiki on it. I really hate being ill or carrying any injury, it's just not me.


Sunday, 14 October 2007

Latest Reiki - Seichem Level

On Saturday I took my latest Reiki level. This was Reiki - Seichem level 3 and the next level for me is Master level which won't be for a year or so. I have been doing this for almost 2 years to the date and the transformation of me and the way I think about things has been amazing and hopefully made me a better person. For me to explain everything that has happened to me would make me look like I've finally lost the plot but those who have done similar and had similar things happen to them will totally understand.

Today I rode to Withernsea which is a small seaside town about 20 miles East of Hull, I've not rode this far before or spent as long on the saddle as I did today and I can tell. It took me 2 hours to get there and a little longer getting home. When I got there it wasn't busy as the season has almost finished so most of it was shut and all I needed was a coffee but what cafe's were open were the ones where I couldn't take out a coffee and wasn't leaving my bike. So I spent just over 30 mins there and started riding home. so I did 40 miles and 4 hours cycling, wow just think of the calories burnt today. What makes me quite happy is how other road cyclists or mountain bikers always say Hi as they ride by, a mutual cycling acknowledgement I guess