Saturday, 11 October 2008

The End Of The Week

It's Saturday and my weekend off. I'm back on a 4 day week although I worked yesterday to try and pull us forward with our work. So I've been chilling out and was thinking of going for a ride but went into town for a wander and get some shopping in. I've booked my bike in for a service two months after I bought it, that's part of the deal at the cycle shop. It's going in for a service on Friday but will be taking it straight from work on Thursday. Also I have been looking for more winter cycling lycra as the weather is so unpredictable this time of year.

I got my nipple pierced today, I had it pierced originally 16 years ago but about 2 years ago it started to go a little bit manky so had to take the bar out and it closed up. The other nipple piercing is fine so finally I deced to get the other one done again. It bled a little and got a plaster over it but now I got to peel it off so there goes some chest hair lol. So now I'm gonna start to get my other piercings put back in that rejected and get some more too. I used to have my eyebrow, bridge and nape done so might get my eyebrow done next and bridge. The nape was great but I kept catching it and there was my bikers jacket collar that always rubbed on it and made it sore!


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