Monday, 17 February 2014

Don't Eat The Fish

Yep, again I got food poisoning from eating fish! Me and Vinny went to Leeds the day after Valentine's Day and we had a really great day, the weather wasn't up to much but didn't stop us walking around. It was about 1pm ish and we decided to go for some food and chose a pub to have lunch. He had a carvery and I had fish and chips. It was really nice, cooked well and tasted great. About 3 hours later and about 20 minutes from home on the train I was sick, then walking into town was sick again in a carrier bag but still managed to get it all over me, much to my embarrassment of being in front of shoppers. I got cleaned up and was sick again on the bus home, in another bag again and was so ill. He went back into town and left me at home where I started shaking and was so cold. When he got back I went to bed about 7pm that night and once I stopped shaking I managed to sleep. I felt rough on Sunday, couldn't face any food but couldn't stop drinking. Today I feel ok, a little rough but ok. So I blame the fish, I don't know why as we had fish during the week and I was ok, something I'll never find out I don't think!

I got a great present for Valentine's Day, a Kindle Fire HD off Vinny. I've been after one for ages and not being able to afford one, I wanted one for the tablet part as well as storing books on. I'm slowly getting the hang of it, all I need now is to get a book on it! Now what book shall I pick for the first one?


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