Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dentist Again

Well, after going to the dentist in October last year to get my tooth refilled and it causing me a lot of problems with infections, I had it removed yesterday. It had flared up again a week or so ago and had to go back to the dentist to get some more antibiotics, he took one look and said it has to come out. I think I still had an infection as I could still feel some pain in the tooth, so he numbed the tooth so that I could feel nothing and waited for a few minutes for it to take hold. I went back to get it taken out and I could feel it and it hurt as he tugged it out and shoved the gause over the hole. I came home and left it for a while before I looked and cleaned it. To my surprise he had left part of the filling in my mouth and it must have come out of the tooth, I thought it was loose.

I didn't eat till late, a bowl of chicken soup and went to bed about 9.30pm and slept like a log till it was time to get up for work. My mouth seemed ok, the sweeing of my face had gone down and it was ok for work, just a little sore. I didn't want the tooth taking out but I had tried to keep it, it just wasn't to be I guess!


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